20 April

9:30 pm                         

Pisco Bar

A former member of the Andromakers duo with whom she toured the world, Romea is a solo French electro-pop artist based in Cambodia. A lover of the 1980s and 1990s scene, she creates a personal electro music inspired by hip-hop, lo-fi and R’n’B using analogue synths, spoken samples in French and sung parts in English.

After her noteworthy performance at the Diamond Moon Festival in Phnom Penh, this complete artist invites all of the wistful techno aficionados to dance at Pisco Bar.  



Practical info :   RM 30


Pisco Bar

29, Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang,

50200 Kuala Lumpur






26  &  27  April                   

9:30 pm                   

No Black Tie


Adélaïde Panaget and Naïri Badal have been friends since their first piano lessons together at a very young age. Following their time at the Conservatoire de Paris, they improved their skills among great virtuosos. In 2007, they created Duo Jatekok (this second word meaning ‘games’ in Hungarian) and explored classical as well as contemporary repertoires with either two pianos or four hands.

Laureates of several international competitions such as the “Roma” in 2011, they shared their energy and enthusiasm in the most prestigious European venues and many festivals such as The Debussy Festival and Les Folles Journées.

During two evenings, they will perform for you their latest album released in March 2018, Les Boys, a tribute to the eponymous duo of American pianists. Between classical music and jazz, this programme for two pianos comprises of leading pieces from the 20th century written by Trotignon, Brubeck, Poulenc and Ravel.



Practical info :


No Black Tie

17 Jalan Mesui,

50200 Kuala Lumpur






28  April                   

8 pm                             



Let’s start with a conclusion: these three smiley boys are great. Truly great. Théo (guitar, vocals), Max (bass, vocals) and Ben (drums, vocals), this trio of friends whose average age is twenty have come knocking everything down like a hurricane with their post-rock, noise and math-rock  (“post-almost-everything” according to their Twitter profile) music.

Onstage, Lysistrata already built a huge reputation with their continuous long tours throughout Europe. Their impressive and non-consensual live performances marry a joyous energy to an incredible musical technique for their young age.

Come discover these much-applauded newcomers in French rock for their first concert in Asia at The Bee in Publika.



Practical info :     Pre-sale :  RM 40     /     On site : RM 60



Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1,

50480 Kuala Lumpur




25 April                           

7:30 pm                                           

Connexion@Nexus Auditorium


Saya Sayang Paris! presents One Planet

Saya Sayang Paris! was founded with the objective to provide a platform to children of different nationalities to perform live on stage in front of a wide public.

2018 Saya Sayang Paris! is giving voice and lyrics to One Planet , the French initiative to refute fatalism in the face of the ecological emergency for our planet by calling together in Paris international leaders and committed citizens from around the world.

43 youth of the Lycée Francais Henri Fauconnier and The Kuala Lumpur Children’s Choir, featuring Najwa Halim, a french-speaking singer with professional musicians and dancers, wish to deliver a message: the importance of caring for the environment. They are presenting songs primarily from France and Malaysia, From P. Ramlee to Charles Trenet, Kampung Nelayan to La tendresse.

BNP Paribas and Atalian Global Services has made the second concert of Saya Sayang Paris! possible as our sponsors.The Malaysia France Chamber of Commerce and Industries provides their essential support as part of their CSR programme.
We would also like to thank our photographer, Mr. Halim Berbar from HBL Creative Solutions.

Come and listen over 1 hour performance with FREE buffet before the event.


Practical info :   RM 80  Standard seat  /  RM 125  Premium seat


More info on

Connexion@Nexus Auditorium

Jalan Kerinchi, Pjs 7

59200 Kuala Lumpur




16  April                         

8:30 pm                                       

Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC)


Bagpipes, bombardes, drums…come discover the traditional music of Brittany (North-West of France) with the Bagad de Lann-Bihoué. The only military bagad still playing and a representative of the French Navy, this professional ensemble of thirty musicians has more than fifteen albums to its credit since it was founded sixty years ago and toured the world.

A sight for sore eyes -they are wearing white uniforms- and a sound for sore ears, they will make you eager to join the dancefloor with their unique repertoire during a most exceptional evening suited to the whole family.  Not to be missed!

They will also make your daily routine a little funkier:

  • on April 11th at 5pm before the fountain of the Pavilion Mall main entrance
  • on April 12th between 5 and 7pm inside the Masjid Jamek LRT station, as part of the “Arts on the Move” programme




 Practical info :   FREE

Registration on

Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC)

109, Jalan Ampang,

50450, Kuala Lumpur





03 May  :   9 pm               

04   &   05  May  :  10 pm                                   

No Black Tie


Man of rhythm, with an extensive history in the music arena, Mokhtar Samba has securely established himself over the years as one of the leading musicians on the multicultural music scene. Drummer and percussionist of Moroccan and Senegalese origin, Mokhtar has played alongside the most prestigious of musicians, including Joe Zawinul, Jaco Pastorius or Youssou N’Dour to name but a few. From innovative sonorities to imaginative mixing, Mokhtar has conveyed a multifaceted talent for Western harmonies, as well as African rhythms and Bedouin tunes.

Come and discover live the album Racines, part of Mokhtar’s African Jazz Project, which features the music of John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk and Michael Brecker.


Practical info :   RM 85



No Black Tie,

17 Jalan Mesui, KL 50200